lockNet Client

Raiting 5.00

LockNet Client is a ASP.NET based user authentication program. This web service provides remote interface for customer authetication.

Cost: Free

Version: 0.1 Beta


Raiting 5.00

iisPROTECT is an ASP.NET based authentication program. This helps the user in password protection, web authentication and user management solutions etc.

Cost: Free Trial / US $ 245.00

Version: 3.0

OS: Windows NT / XP / 2000 / 2003

Pro.Net Session Renew

Raiting 5.00

Pro.Net Session Renew is an ASP.NET based application for user authentication. The usability of this session is very simple.

Cost: Free Trial / US $ 19.95 / 39.95

NetCountry PRO

Raiting 5.00

NetCountry PRO component is made to install in the webserver which can identify the customers physical location.

Cost: US $ 50.00

Version: 1.21


Raiting 5.00

AuthentiX is an ASP.NET webbased program for user authentication. This utility will be helful in protecting the names and passwords privately. Multiple web users can make use of this authentication system.

Cost: Free Trial / US $ 299.00

Version: 5.4

OS: Windows NT/ 2000


Raiting 5.00

lockNetClassWS is a ASP.NET based user authentication program. This is an application exclusively developed for authenticating users from any remote location.

Cost: Free

PortSight Secure Access

Raiting 5.00

PortSight Secure Access uses .NET framework and extends and makes its management and intergration to your web application.

Cost: Free Trial / US $ 249.00

Version: 2.1

OleAccessControl - Forms Based Access Control

Raiting 5.00

OleAccessControl uses ASP.NET forms based Authenication. It is very easy to use user authentication system for websites.

Cost: Free (BSD)

Version: 1.3

nsAuthenticator for ASP.NET

Raiting 5.00

Active Directory / Database Authentication with Database Roles Based Authorization System. Integrates Forms based and Windows based authentication.

Cost: 9.99

Version: 1.5

OS: Windows ASP.NET