Raiting 5.00

CascadianLogin is a program which allows the users to add required login access for the coldfusion sites. This program is capable of setting session variables for desired form fields.

Cost: Free

Version: 2.0


Raiting 5.00

Passport is a multi-domain user authentication system with password reset, basic information collection and user records update. If you are going to use it for one domain name portal, the encoded user related information will be delivered through domain cookies. Note: your web server does not need to be on the same domain to get the user authenticated. This application passes encrypted information through http request without using cookies. Just register your self, download demo on your server and play with that.

Cost: $25

Version: 0.23

WebLogin PRO with Computer Activation Key (ColdFusion)

Raiting 5.00

This is a secure professional single login application that comes with a computer activation key. This is especially required when there are several users using one and the same account or there are hackers stealing and posting your passwords. This shall secure your website.

Cost: $49

Security Manager

Raiting 5.00

Security Manager is a web security application that provides an interface that gives you control over what users and groups can see and do in your domain.

Cost: $199

Version: 1.2

Secure Login

Raiting 5.00

This is a password protection application for your templates. It allows you to permit access to selective pages as well as parts within a page. It has an access database and an admin section that allows database management.

Cost: $10

WebLogin PRO

Raiting 5.00

WebLogin PRO is a professional single login system with Computer Activation Key. This system provides secure login, stop hackers, stop misuse of your accounts, protect your whole website and password posters.

Cost: US $ 49.00