Zmei Currency Exchange Rates

Raiting 5.00

Zmei Currency Exchange Rates displays currency exchange rates. The data for the display has to be updated on the info.txt file from where it reads the data.

Cost: Free

Led Stock Ticker Applet v2.0

Raiting 5.00

This is a java applet with led display showing real time stock quotes, customizable colors & speed. Really nice look similar with stock market display.

Cost: US $20

Version: 2.0

OS: All


Raiting 5.00

tEuroCalc converts European devices into Euro. This applet performs the dual function of calculator and converter. It can also do addition, subtraction, percentage, multiplication and division of the currencies.

Cost: Free / $55

Version: 2.00

OS: Unix, Linux, Win95/NT/2000, Mac

MoneyToys - Entire Collection

Raiting 5.00

The Entire Suite of MoneyToys(tm) Financial Calculator Applets.

Cost: US $129.95

Version: 1.5

OS: web server