Raiting 5.00

Users can personalize their web pages on any site, which runs OpenPortal. Users can design their web page by using the portlets made available to them.

Cost: Free (GPL)

Version: 1.0.10

Portal Servlet

Raiting 5.00

Portal Servlet is a portal building tool. You can develop a set of portals that looks like a grid of portals and also run them. The portlets have their own set of attributes and URL source.

Cost: Free for non-commercial usage

Version: 1.15


Raiting 5.00

ePortal is an enterprise information portal solution. This can integrate with open standards Portlet API and Tiles with Expresso. Integrating Jcorporate products with Apache Jetspeed, starting with the Expresso Framework.

Cost: Commercial

Version: 0.1b

OS: Cross Platform