Raiting 5.00

NumericalChameleon supports conversion of numbers and supports more than 1600 units in 75 categories like lengths, areas, volumes, durations, bits & bytes, angles, temperatures, exchange rates, roman numerals, spoken numbers, colorcodes etc.

Cost: Free (GPL)

Version: 1.4.0

OS: Java 1.3


Raiting 5.00

NumberConverter is a simple online calculator designed as an ultimate tool for converting number systems. This java application is easy to use and a handy tool for webmasters.

Cost: Free

Version: 12-Mar-2003


Raiting 5.00

EuroCalc as the name implies is an effective java based calculator that allows webmasters to convert currencies between EUROS and the coresponding symbols.

Cost: Free

Version: 28-Mar-2003