Raiting 5.00

This is just a simple script that when called, places a clock on your page. You just call the script and depending on the parameters included when you call the image determines what the clock will look like. There are four formats that the clock can look like. 12 hour clock without seconds is the default, 12 hour with seconds, 24 hour without seconds, and finally 24 hour with seconds. For further information, upload the contents of this zip file to a web server running PHP with the GD library installed and call up the included index.html file to see it work in action.

Cost: Free GPL

Version: 1.0

OS: All

Fuzzy Logic Clock

Raiting 5.00

Simple text output fuzzy logic clock. Allows for different levels of fuzzyness.

Cost: GPL

Version: 1.01

OS: Windows, *nix