Chatologica Web-Site Accelerator for Apache

Raiting 5.00

Chatologica Web-Site Accelerator for Apache helps in reducing outgoing traffic of a server and a faster delivery of your static text web documents. It works only for web-sites hosted on Apache web server. The average traffic savings are about 300%.

Cost: Free/$9

Version: 1.0.2

OS: Unix, Windows


Raiting 5.00

CGI::Cache is a Perl extension which will help cache output of time-intensive CGI scripts so that successive visits to such scripts will not take as much time. This can be easily added to any CGI script, is mod_perl compatible, has a rich control over caching policies, and more.

Cost: Free (LGPL)

Version: 1.03


Raiting 5.00

This is a script which is created to help webmasters in increasing the loading speed of their website by deleting the unwanted codes from their files such as html, java, perl, flash etc.

Cost: US $ 19.95

OS: Unix


Raiting 5.00

This is a group of scripts that can be used to handle performance improving HTTP features automatically. The script include ETag generation and validation and much more.

Cost: Free

Version: 0.3