Raiting 5.00

Online Editor to change or update news and archives. Automatically archives news based on counters you set.

Cost: GPL

Version: 2.0.4

OS: Unix

News Flash

Raiting 5.00

News Flash is an easier tool for accessing news postings on Perl enabled web portals. No HTML knowledge is required. Addition / modification / deletion with the post entries can be done simply.

Cost: Free / US $ 19.95

OS: Windows, Unix

News Publisher

Raiting 5.00

News Publisher gives flexible news managing tools which are powered by perl program. Implements the functions news updation, news stories with archiving facility and many more.

Cost: Free

Version: 2.0.0

OS: Windows NT, Unix

Aborior's Simplex News Manager

Raiting 5.00

Aborior's news manager offers ultimate solutions for implementing news based processings with perl's features. Users can update their news stories, events, articles to form your website as a community based news website.

Cost: Free/ US $ 192.00 / 572.00

OS: Windows, Unix , Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris

Rave News

Raiting 5.00

This is a free news management, that can be used on all websites, it is written in perl, so your server need to have cgi-bin, or perl access. This works fine on unix servers, but This will not run on windows servers.

Cost: Freeware

Version: 2.0

OS: Unix, Linux

@1 Content Board for Desktop and Handheld

Raiting 5.00

This perl embedded news engine assists you to manage articles using desktop and handheld devices where there articles can be viewed with the help of browsers or PDA software.

Cost: Free

OS: Windows, Linux, Unix


Raiting 5.00

Coranto is a high featured perl script that is used as a handy tool for webmasters to maintain their dynamic based news pages. SSI functions are included. Supports multiple categories, online user administration and more.

Cost: Free

Version: 1.22

OS: Windows 95/NT, Unix

@1 Event Publisher

Raiting 5.00

@1 Event Publisher is a perl program that is integrated with SSI to advance user's event postings. Events with several details can be generated by both administrator and visitors, users. Admin defines the event publishing methods.

Cost: Free

OS: Linux

Active News Manager 3.5

Raiting 5.00

Active News Manager delivers the new standard for effective news publishing. This News publishing package is designed for Business and personal web sites of all sizes.

Cost: $35.99

Version: 3.5

OS: Linux, Unix, Win NT/2000

@1 Know Your Events

Raiting 5.00

@1 Know Your Events is powered with perl software that plays an important role on events handling module. Supports event posting to an incredible number and can do faster searching with events. Images are allowed with posts.

Cost: US $ 14.95

OS: Windows, Linux