Cookies and ColdFusion

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Nowadays, cookies have become almost as commonplace on the Web as images or tables. And they do all kinds of stuff: They help Web designers manage user information and decrease the amount of overhead necessary to keep track of user information, like usernames, encrypted passwords, form variables, and shopping cart information. And they also make things easier on users by eliminating the need to log on to a site every time they visit, or making it easy to personalize content on sites. This tutorial starts with a brief explanation of the technical side of cookies, including how the browsers handle them and how cold fusion manages them. Then it shows you how to use cookies to track a user's progress through a website, using what the author refers to as a "cookie crumb" trail. This essentially adds a link for every page a user visits on a site, making navigation backwards easy as pie, while still allowing the developer some control over what pages the user is able to revisit.

Title: Cookies and ColdFusion
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