The guide to ColdFusion error handling

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This tutorial requires at least a minimum understanding of the Application Framework. Let's see why you would want to learn how to handle errors: The first reason is that no code is 100% bug free. No matter how many times you test your templates, something can always go wrong. .The second reason is a matter of professionalism. No web site should ever display ugly error templates. Instead it should try to recover gracefully and alert the web site administrator, so that the error can be fixed. The third reason is security. Error messages are pure gold for hackers. They contain precious debugging information such as file paths and invalid SQL statements that could be reversed-engineered against the site. Never displaying a single error message turns the lights off on your site weaknesses, and if it does not make your site 100% hacker-free, it does help a great deal.

Title: The guide to ColdFusion error handling
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