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This is a 100 % JSP server side chat application with HTML or JavaScript client side. The moderator user can operate multiple chatrooms in which he or she can set chatroom parameters such as maximum users, languages like English, Spanish, French, Danish etc, display mode like frames, applets or flash, refresh model, refresh limit, filters, private messages etc. The user can also open, close, update, transcript, monitor each chatroom, backup each chatroom and manages black list. Commands like /help, /time, /kick etc can be given in to the chat messages. It also provides tools like smiley filter, XMLTranscriptor, database authentication, Chinese skin, LDAP authentication, Flash client etc. The skins of the chatrooms are easily customizable.

Title: jChatBox
Author: admin0073
Price / Cost: Free for non-commercial use
Platform / OS: Java
Version: 2.5
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Last Updated: 2003-02-24
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