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Create sites adaptable to change and growth without having to bother about details nor HTML. Featuring: * multi-level categories navigation * layer-based 100% editable template separated from the content (layout is modifiable online in a drag'n'drop/ WYSIWYG interface) * zip-file site(s)- Import/Export any time (for backup and transfer to other servers) * free hosting of your created site(s) It is a simple and powerful tool, able to manage the entire diversity of a web project, without necessary knowledge of programming-languages. The knowledge of HTML, the style sheet language (CSS) and PHP give you further possibilities to influence the content of your site. Uses internet-standards and does not have a proprietary language.

Title: Online Content and Template Management System
Author: adam02
Price / Cost: Free
Platform / OS: Win 98, Win NT, *nix, Mac
Version: 0.9 (beta)
Last Updated: 2003-08-07
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Web site Language: English and other
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