Flash 5 Hands-on Training

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Jump in immediately and get your hands dirty with Flash 5 Hands-On Training. The book’s project-based exercises, modeled on acclaimed teacher Lynda Weinman’s unique brand of instruction, are the ideal way for busy professionals to learn this cutting-edge Web technology. The book emphasizes the practical: You’ll master core Flash principles using classroom-tested techniques and hard-won tips that you can apply to real-life projects. Flash 5 Hands-On Training gives you a complete learning experience, combining the best of book-based and classroom instruction. You get the flexibility of following the book’s clear, step-by-step exercises at your own pace, plus a CD full of sample files and QuickTime movies demonstrating key techniques. Armed with a thorough grounding in actual Flash problems and their solutions, you’ll soon be creating your own professional interactive and animated Web sites.

Title: Flash 5 Hands-on Training
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