Macromedia Flash 5 ActionScript for Fun and Games

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A text teaching the use of Macromedial Flash 5 ActionScript through the creation of games. Features tutorials using brain teasers, word puzzles, and classic arcade games. The text's companion Web site contains all of the tools needed to create games: movies, source code, samples, and other helpful tools. Softcover. From the Back Cover This book will be the only game-specific book for Macromedia Flash and ActionScript. Each chapter will study and deconstruct a new type of game or gadget, such as hunt and click games, catch and avoid games, or action and adventure games. The book will waste no time on illustration or animation directions but will focus solely on building games in Flash, including coding, the primary skill that most aspiring Flash game designers lack.

Title: Macromedia Flash 5 ActionScript for Fun and Games
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