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iSpace Desktop is a integrated PIM system, it includes: RSS Reader,Contacts, Calendar,Content Categories, Documents, Multi-page internet browser. It is a content management system on Desktop as it shows currently. Everyone may use it as a Personal Information Management or Personal Knowledge Management system. RSS reader: This is a blog reader. you can organize the blogs by group, and save or search blogs locally. RSS and Atom supported. Contacts: No limit contact groups, detailed contacts information. Documents: It's a personal file system. You can import, export, browsing all those valuable documents by category in a tree. A personal file system, collects all your valuable documents. Categories(Content): Classify information, so you can make your content category system. Calendar(Content): Record, search all categories information rising from working, learning or life day by day. You can write down working logs, memos, notes, tasks and so on. Browsing(Content): Browsing those information by subject, and export as txt or rtf format. Browser: A Multi-page internet browser, and you can save valuable web pages to "Documents".

Title: iSpace Desktop Blog Reader
Author: johnsonleee
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Platform / OS: Win98SE/Me/2000/XP
Version: 1.1.2
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Last Updated: 2004-09-15
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