Aggregator DotNetNuke Module

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Aggregator (Tabbed Modules) is a flexible module that acts as a tabbed container for 1 or more modules. Features include: * Saves valuable screen real estate by wrapping any number of DotNetNuke modules within a tabbed interface * Each tab takes on the name of the module that it wraps * Since module titles are not necessary when shown in tabs, you can automatically hide all your module titles with a single setting * All tab changes are client-side so there is no postback to slow your users down or tie up your server * Selected tabs stay selected even if you move back and forth through the site Flexibility: * Includes 5 different tab positions: o Top, Bottom, Right, Left and Inline * Infinitely customizable using CSS styles so you can match your site look and feel * You can provide styles for the following: o TabStrip - style applied to the container that the tabs are shown in o TabUnselected - style applied to the unselected tabs o TabSelected - style applied to the selected tab o TabMouseOver - style applied when mousing over any unselected tabs o TabPage - style applied to the pages containing your modules * Styles are grouped into themes, so all you have to do is specify a single theme name to switch all 5 styles at once Security: * Tab rights mimic the modules they contain and will only show if the user has the proper privileges

Title: Aggregator DotNetNuke Module
Author: dnnstuff
Price / Cost: US $39.95
Platform / OS: DotNetNuke 2.x
Version: 1.0.0
Last Updated: 2004-11-03
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