Ocean12 Mailing List Manager Pro

Raiting 5.00

Completely Web-based, easy to install, ASP mailing list manager.

Cost: $26.95

Version: 1.01

OS: Win NT, 2000


Raiting 5.00

The webmasters can send emails to their clients very easily through Mailing list pro. This Mailing list manager helps the web administrators to receive and send emails to their customers very easily.

Cost: Free

gee! Mail Wizard

Raiting 5.00

Compose and send personal emails to contacts. The gee! Mail Wizard makes it easy to do email marketing. You can send out mass emails to your contacts stored in the Contact Organizer.

Cost: US$ 29.95

Version: 3.0


Arrow Email Newsletter System

Raiting 5.00

The Most Comprehensive/Complete CRM and Email Newsletter Management System

Cost: 15-day free trial

Version: 7

OS: All Windows

Ocean12 ASP Mailing List Manager

Raiting 5.00

The Ocean12 ASP Mailing List Manager is a full featured Mailing List Manager Program. It has been built from the ground up to be extremely easy to install and use, and at the same time, be as powerful and functional as the more costly programs on the market. It is written entirely in ASP/VBScript, and utilizes an Access database for data storing.

Cost: Freeware

Version: 1.06

OS: Win NT/2000

eNewsletter Pro

Raiting 5.00

eNewsletter Pro is newsletter management software for managing and distributing HTML or Text formatted newsletters via E-Mail.

Cost: $625

Version: 2.0

OS: Win NT, 2000 Servers

WebStorm SMTP-POP3 Activex email component

Raiting 5.00

The WebStorm Mail component makes it possible to send and retrieve email from your application or web site without using a program such as MS Outlook. Because it is built on ActiveX/COM technology, it can be used from any language that support COM.

Cost: US $100

Version: 1.0

OS: Win 3.1x,Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003


Raiting 5.00

Visionmailer is a sophisticated, high-tech email application. It offers features such as personalized mailings, confirmed Opt-In, confirmed Opt-Out, envelope style sending and much more.

Cost: US $97.97

Version: 1.5

OS: Windows 2000 Server Running IIS 5.0 or greater, Persits Software ASP Email 4.5 + With a Professional License, Support For ASP and VBScript, MS Access

ASP Newsletter Manager

Raiting 5.00

ASP Newsletter Manager Web-based ASP Newsletter software.

Cost: US $15.00

Version: 5.00

OS: All Windows

Newsletter MX made with Dreamweaver

Raiting 5.00

Newsletter Mx application is for sending Newsletter Online in mass with few clicks. Upload your template, point to the URL or compose Online with an Online HTML Editor. No Upload Component required, works with cdo and all other mail components.

Cost: US$36.00

Version: 1.0.0

OS: windows