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Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting refers to buying the reseller hosting plans or any dedicated server and then starting your own company that will be selling web hosting to the end users. Basically, it includes selling any kind of web hosting but usually it refers to the smaller hosting companies which buy one dedicated server.

There are many advantages of starting a hosting company. Most important is the recurring revenue. Besides, there is a huge market for reseller web hosting as everyone needs a website. It is very easy to find a niche like cpanel reseller hosting which have little or no competition.

Reseller web hosting is the act of purchasing a huge web hosting plan or a dedicated server and then breaking it into small parts in order to resell them to your clients. Even the large hosting companies do business reseller hosting. Usually, they rent servers or take space from even bigger companies in bulk and then they will sell that hosting to you.

You need to choose a hosting company which will meet all your needs. This is because it is hard as well as time consuming to keep on moving your clients to a new host. Hence you need to go for the best reseller hosting. The first step for doing this is to decide what you require. Next you need to know who will be able to provide all that you need, and then you have to research how reliable they are.

You need to decide what the market that you are going to target is. This will be the key to your hosting business plan. This is because the marketing niche you choose will impacts what host you choose, what will be the type of advertising as well as what support you will offer.

Next you need to decide on the hosting features as well as the type of host you need. Then go over all the basics like bandwidth, disk space, control panels, and so on. Next, decide on the type of support options - whether it will be 24/7 phone support or 24/7 live chat or something else.

Next you need to do background research on the web hosts. Ensure that they are a good fit. Make sure that they have a good reputation, they are a legit company, they have pre testing support, and much more. Read the reviews of reseller hosting companies written by users.

Reseller hosting will give you the ability to create individual subaccounts from the disk space as well as bandwidth that has been allotted to you as your main account. You are in complete control as you can set the amount of space as well as bandwidth each subaccount will be receiving. The total number of individual hosting accounts or subaccounts that you create will depends entirely on your purchased reseller plan. Besides, each account can get its own cPanel control panel.

The cPanel reseller hosting is designed for the end users of the system. This allows them to control various features like adding or removing email accounts, administering MySQL databases, providing webmail for all Accounts, having Auto Responders, doing Custom Mail Filtering, putting Forwarders, having the ability to modify an MX Entry as well as doing Spam Filtering. Besides, it will help in tracking the Traffic Statistics. You will be able to View Latest Visitors, View the Bandwidth Usage, View Error Log as well as download a raw log file.

You can opt for adult hosting reseller which allows you to mange adult websites & have total control over the various accounts. The advantage of reseller hosting is that in case of a webmaster, he can host as well as manage all his websites under just one reseller account for one price. There will not be any need of paying your hosting provider for a large number of shared hosting accounts. In fact, you can even resell hosting as a value added feature to any existing business or as a completely separate entity.

You may also discover that a cheap web hosting reseller is actually the best web hosting reseller. Another option is private labeling. This will provide complete transparency to the reseller who wants to resell web hosting from the parent hosting company. This helps to remove all traces of the parent hosting company. This is accomplished by using a privately registered domain name for the servers.

All the reseller hosting accounts are equipped with two separate control panels. One of them is WHM, or WebHost Manager. This is the administration control panel. The other one is the cPanel. This is the end user control panel. WHM lets you manage as well as create all subaccounts. It gives each one of them their own cPanel. You can perform various functions with WHM including create and managing all subaccounts and limiting subaccount's disk space, bandwidth as well as his emails accounts. WHM also lets you email all subaccount users, change the subaccount users' passwords as well as checks the server status.

The cPanel is basically designed for the end user & is meant to allow them to manage their own individual accounts. You do not need to be knowledgeable about reseller hosting plans in order to find affordable reseller hosting. Basic knowledge is definitely desired. So you need to understand various hosting related terms. Else, you can avail of the 24/7 back end support.

Reseller web hosting is for people who are willing to do a bit extra. This involves taking your product to the people & not waiting for them to find you. In fact there is potentially phenomenal opportunity to cash in as the cheapest reseller hosting especially if can either learn how to design websites or you can hook up with someone who does. First thing that you will need is a business name. Your business name as well as your domain name needs to be as close as possible. The domain name needs to be catchy, out of the ordinary and somewhat descriptive. Your domain name is actually, your business's personal ID.