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PhpBB Hosting: Run Your Communities Effectively

PhpBB is basically software that can be downloaded by anyone and used as it is open. It is not only open, but also does not cost anything at all. Many webmasters use this software to run their communities online. Anyone who has a web hosting provider that can work compatibly with PhpBB hosting, can use this software and develop an online community? There are few things that one should consider while deciding if hosting with PhpBB will not pose any compatibility issues with the web hosting provider that you are currently using.

Linux hosting

This software is actually written in the PHP script. And as Linux can easily read that script, it is generally recommended to go for Linux for your PhpBB forum hosting. The Windows servers are also capable of running the PHP scripts, but they cannot run all the features like the mod rewrite. This is a very important feature for the SEO purposes and therefore, one cannot afford to miss it. To avoid any such issues, it is better to use Linux hosting.

Cpanel control panel

Here again, the linux server proves to be better for PhpBB web hosting. Generally, the Linux server is equipped with a free Cpanel control panel. Once you can get through the control panel you will also have the facility to login and then install the PhpBB script. Another facility with the Cpanel control panel is that it is also accompanied by fantastico. This is a very important and easy to use the feature. This is a very useful feature, and it facilitates the easy installation of the forum and in no time at all. This feature has an installation wizard that helps in the easy installation. It also guides and assists the user with every installation detail.

The bandwidth and the hosting space

There is enough competition in the market already. It is easy to find enough bandwidth and the space if you plan to use the shared hosting plans. Generally, no problem is faced when you try to run the static sites on this space. However, the problems creep in when you want to run a forum. The problem with running a forum is that it expands very quickly and there are many users who are logging in at the same time. This means that the server has many requests at the same time. As a result the server can slow down due to an excess load. And if the same issue is noticed regularly, other users of the same server will not at all be happy, and they will then begin to complain. Therefore, there are chances that the account may also be suspended.

The solution

Once your forum becomes popular and many users begin to use it, it will be destructive because of the growth in popularity, the site is suspended. Therefore, one should always plan the growth of the forum. Once you see that the forum is growing at a very fast speed, and then you must begin to think of shifting the site to a place that is more stable. That means you could then shift it from a shared space to a package that belongs to you. You must look for the packages that have a good server resource and also the admin rights. To make it more generalized, the shared space is good enough if your site members have not exceeded beyond 2000. However, as the users exceed 2000, then you will face the similar problems, and you must start looking for a more dedicated hosting. Anything better comes with a cost and a dedicated server costs a lot more than starting a forum on a shared server. You will need a more dedicated server at least after 5 or six months, and therefore, it is better if you choose to save the hosting fees till that time. Until then one can continue with the shared server.

Factors affecting the choice of the server

Most of the people consider only the price while choosing a server. They are always attracted towards the free PhpBB forum hosting and do not realize that they might be compromising on quality while trying to do so. However, one must realize that the quality of the forum is more important as it will give you good returns later or else will totally ruin your efforts. This does not mean that free PhpBB hosting should not be used. However, there are a few reasons that make it a little unfavorable.

The reasons

It introduces unnecessary advertisements that are quite annoying at the time and your potential visitor might get turned off. The customer support cannot be expected to be good. Your domain name might also influence. Therefore, before going for any forum hosting, consider the following factors:

The up time

This is the time duration during which any user is able to access the forum. This is a very important consideration as the users might just switch to the next user if the uptime is low, and he is unable to visit your site. Therefore, the up time should be about 99% so that you do not miss any potential client.

The domain registration

Not all the people are well aware of web hosting. Therefore, choose a service that will register the domain name, and you can be then free of many headaches and tensions.

The technical support

You must always go for a provider that is giving you a 24X7 support. Even if it is a public holiday, the support should be ready. On holidays, there are more chances of people visiting the forum and therefore no user will want to wait for 24 hours to get to your forum. He might simply quit and you will be in a loss.

The email facilities

If you are running a business, then it becomes extremely important that e mail facility is also included and one can send an e mail through the domain name, Space and bandwidth.

This is very important when you are setting up a forum. Even when you need to upload videos and audios, these features play a very important role. Apart from these there are features like SSL that also play a very important role. Therefore, before you choose any provider, consider all the above mentioned features.