Raiting 5.00

ALTERMIND.org offers a place for people who are interested in learning Flash skills, flash sound samples, and more.

Cost: US$


Raiting 5.00

An Online Flash Multimedia website builder allows small bussiness and indivisuals to make there flash sites on there own.

Cost: Free Trial/$95 - $995

Version: 4.0

OS: IE 5.0+, Flash Player plug-in 6


Raiting 5.00

Collection of open ActionScript and JavaScript codes including solid samples by Mustafa Basgun.

Cost: Free


Raiting 5.00

A Flash resource site offering weekly updated news, articles, tutorials, movies (FLA files), a userforum, coolsites, projects, etc.

Flash Circle

Raiting 5.00

Flash Circle is an online resource site for Macromedia Flash development. Flash flas and tutorials, SWFs, and sound loops available for download.

Instant Flash Shop

Raiting 5.00

This allows you to build sites with your choice of Templates and also allows you can change things such as background colors, background image, soundtrack, image filters and navigational interface. You will need Macromedia Flash to view this.

Cost: 65 - 699

Version: 4


Raiting 5.00

This is a resource site for Multimedia developers. It has on offer flash news, mailing list, flas, interviews, competition and forums.


Raiting 5.00

Here, its been displayed with examples as to what all is possible with Flash. The Web site developer, Stuart Schoneveld is one of the leading programmers of Flash 5 and FlashMX.

OS: IE, Netscape


Raiting 5.00

This is a free e-zine that provides reviews, articles and information on Flash and other Vector based products. In addition, it also carries interviews with leading Flash developers, news reports, and upcoming events in the Flash scene.

Macromedia Flash Official Page

Raiting 5.00

On this Official Flash Page you can find the download page for free trial and purchase info on Flash software. It also provides Flash-related resources such as tutorials, showcase, user support center, FAQs.