Java Search Engine

Raiting 5.00

This is a server-side search engine, in which can find their requirement on the site in an easy and quick manner. It supports a common Java API interfaces like servlets and EJB and also can be used by any other programming language or environment.

Cost: Freeware


Raiting 5.00

This provides a simple search feature on the web. It includes expert system behaviors and intelligent agents apart from its basic capabilities.

Cost: Free (Apache Style)

Version: 1.02b

OS: Cross Platform

Search Servlet

Raiting 5.00

Search Servlet can be used in your web server to search files. Also supports conditional searches like search for specific extensions of files. This servlet can be configured as the action parameter for html form.

Cost: Free for non-commercial usage

Version: 1.9


Raiting 5.00

FileLister can easily find files and index them. Supports two modes namely simple / advanced search modes. The Indexing tool supported by it is configurable as cron job / scheduled task. It can search by size, modification date, file/folder/all; sort order definition.

Cost: Free (GPL)

Version: 0.5

OS: Java

Jakarta Lucene Search Engine

Raiting 5.00

Jakarta Lucene search engine is a program which acts as a full featured text search engine library which perform the operation of searching text.

Cost: Free

Version: 1.4

OS: Windows, Unix