SLIC Browser-Irc Client

Raiting 5.00

This is a communication tool for web pages and application interaction. This facilitates you to switch from browser to IRC panel. It runs on Sun and Microsoft (IE4+) edition of java.


Raiting 5.00

RFax is an application to send fax to any group 3 fax machine without caring about the details of modem/fax communications. It requires an analog modem and does not work on ISDN.

Version: 1.0

OS: Java 1.1 or later


Raiting 5.00

This tool is used for sending message to others without server messaging utility. It supports JMS operation for such function with security.

Cost: Free(GPL)


OS: Unix, Linux, Windows


Raiting 5.00

SMSWriter supports the entire 7 bit GSM alphabet including Greek letters. This SMS/Phonebook application supports editing of phone directory and multiple flash and report messages.

Cost: Freeware

Version: 2.01

OS: Win 98/ME/NT4/XP, Solaris, Linux


Raiting 5.00

The application provides connectivity solution. JProxy supports a generic HTTP(S) Tunnel for J2EE APIs. This can operate over any firewalls, proxies and restrictive network configurations on the Internet.

Cost: Free Trial/$499

Version: 1.0.3

OS: Java

RelataSync for Palm

Raiting 5.00

RelataSync allows one to synchronize their contacts, date book events, and to do items on their Palm with Relata and the Palm Desktop.

Cost: Free (GPL)

Version: 0.22b

OS: Win32

World Wide Instant Messenger

Raiting 5.00

This is a perl based script that will allow anyone to run his own instant messaging service. This programme is highly customizable and even can rebrand it.

Cost: US $ 199.95

Version: 3.0

OS: Windows client, Unix, Windows, Mac, .NET


Raiting 5.00

Toejam is an intelligent answering machine, which can deal with different callers in different ways, and can SMS important messages to mobiles. It implements this with a Voice Modem as the base of an IVR system.

Cost: Free (GPL)

OS: Linux, Windows

RSMS for Java

Raiting 5.00

Java component for sending SMS messages using a SMSC (Short message service center). It supports the UCP and TAP protocols and can deliver messages using an existing tcp/ip connection or using a dial up connection (analog modem).

Cost: US $50.00

Version: 1.0

OS: unix,linux,windows


Raiting 5.00

smsDumper is a simple and effective online communication tool designed to assists users to send online SMS messages for GSM mobiles with just a double click on the coresponding mobile number.

Cost: Free

Version: 0.7.1