EJB exception handling

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Learn to code for faster problem resolution on EJB-based systems Advanced Java.

EJB 2.1 Kick Start : Implementing a Solution Using EJB 2.1.

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This an article that explains details about preparing the groundwork on an application server to enable it to develop and organize an Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) on it. When J2SE-based classes are transformed into EJB 2.0 components, the codes are reduced drastically.

Accessing EJBs through firewalls

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Accessing EJBs through firewalls is a tutorial that teaches the readers about Java Secure Socket Extensions. This tutorial can be used by Java developers.

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Entity EJB

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Creation and testing of a first Entity Bean using MyEcplise, Jboss, PostgreSQL, MySQL and xDoclet.

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Integration of Struts and EJB

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Using a small library application we show step by step how to integrate Struts and EJB.