Raiting 5.00

Simple script to allow a site directory on your site. Quick to configure and easy to use and navigate through.

Cost: Free, GPL

Version: 3.0.0

OS: All

CBQuick PHP Clickbank Search Script

Raiting 5.00

Have your own instant directory to the thousands of great ClickBank® products, each automatically embedded with your own unique affiliate id.

Cost: US $19.95

Simple PHP Link Manager

Raiting 5.00

Simple PHP Link Manager is a simple and easy to use link management system that creates categorized links and outputs a flexible display. It also provides you with statistics like the number of times a link has been accessed and so on.

Cost: Free

Version: 1.0

Link Department

Raiting 5.00

Link Department is a link indexing script with which you can create and maintain your own link directory site. The system comes with fully manageable admin panel and a template driven front-end user interaction system. The script does not require any database.

Cost: Free

Version: 1.31

DigiOz Links Script

Raiting 5.00

DigiOz links script is a PHP based links system which stores all the entries in a simple text file. The script is designed to understand and customize easily.

Cost: Free

Version: 1.2

OS: Windows, Unix, Linux


Raiting 5.00

CNCat is a simple and easy to use script that can maintain your web-sites directory. The script is coded in PHP and uses MySQL to work. It supports unlimited nesting of sections, unlimited number of links and change of languages.

Cost: Free

Version: 1.4

OS: Windows NT/2000/XP, Unix


Raiting 5.00

Linx BETA is a powerful link directory script that is designed to manage thousands of links in your website quickly and efficiently. The script is written using PHP and MySQL.

Cost: Free

Version: BETA

OS: Unix


Raiting 5.00

MyPHPAnnuaire is a link directory script written using PHP and requires MySQL database for storing the information. An online demo is available in the website.

Cost: Free(GPL)

Version: 3.10


Raiting 5.00

SBCLinks is a script written in PHP and MySQL that allows you to add links for your directory on your website easily. It offers you with various features.

Cost: Free(BSD)

Version: 0.5

OS: Windows, Unix, Linux, Free(BSD)

SnapDex link indexing

Raiting 5.00

SnapDex link indexing is PHP based link indexing script which is capable of indexing a given set of links in real time. It comes with feature rich user and administration section.

Cost: US $75.00

Version: 3.0

OS: Unix, Linux