Abriasoft Merlin server

Raiting 5.00

Abriasoft Merlin server is a php based script and is a production server. For database driven websites, this server gives a robust deployment environment. This server also comes with a news system and template based web portal.

Cost: US $ 569.00 / US $ 579.00

OS: Windows

Apache HTTP Server Project

Raiting 5.00

Apache HTTP Server Project is developed using php and is a web server system. This system gives a secure and extensible server which provides HTTP services with the current HTTP standards.

Cost: Free

Version: 2.0.49


Raiting 5.00

Nanoweb is written in php and is a HTTP web server. This server can be used as a framework to create web based applciations. Modules can be customized and is a very secure program.

Cost: Free

Version: 2.2.3

OS: Windows, Unix


Raiting 5.00

DWebPro is a Web server and is developed using php. This server supports ISAPI, Mysql and CGI. DWeb encoder deploys php scripts crypted. It can be customized easily.

Cost: Free

Version: 4.2.1

OS: Windows XP/98/2000

BadBlue Web Server

Raiting 5.00

BadBlue Web Server is developed using php and is a web server system. This server is used to share files for home and office. This server makes it easy to share movies, pictures, music and other type of file. It supports free domain name.

Cost: Free / US $ 29.99 / US $ 59.99

Version: 2.46

OS: Windows NT/ME/95/98/2000

VIN decoders

Raiting 5.00

This is an online PHP application which can decode every essential data from the VIN numbers of a vehicle such as the type, model, client name and many more to create window stickers.

Cost: Free Trial / Commercial

Version: 4.0.0

MSAS Mambo Stand Alone Server

Raiting 5.00

What is MSAS? MSAS is simply the fastest, easiest way to run Mambo on your local Windows 2000/XP box.

Cost: FREE

Version: 4.5.1a

OS: win XP


Raiting 5.00

Apache .htaccess mod_rewrite compatible URL rewriter for Microsoft IIS

Cost: US$99

Version: 3.1

OS: WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Ultima