Advanced Directory - DUO

Raiting 5.00

This program helps users to create advanced search facilities and web guide solution based on ODP data. This program is flexible and quick with advanced features and low overhead.

Cost: Commercial

OS: Windows XP/2000/NT, Unix, Linux

KCScripts Search Engine

Raiting 5.00

This script helps users to create their own directory service that resembles like the one in This program enables you to handle unlimited categories and subcategories.

Cost: US $ 49.95

Version: 4.2

OS: Linux, Unix


Raiting 5.00

RiFlex is a search engine program written in perl that allows users to search their website for huge archives of text files. This program doesn't use any database and operates with low memory configurations.

Cost: Free

Version: 0.1.01

OS: Windows, Unix


Raiting 5.00

This is a index based search engine program that helps users to search their home pages. This program handles large amount of data sets and is fast. Search words can be highlighted in a colour as you wish.

Cost: Free basic version / Pro - 139

Version: 5.33

OS: Windows NT, Unix

DevCoder Directory Script

Raiting 5.00

DevCoder Directory Script is a program built on PERL which permits webmasters to add searching facility to their websites.

Cost: Free

Version: 1.01

Torrents Spider and Search Engine

Raiting 5.00

This script is used for storing torrent files in a database by the spider. It searches the torrent files using search engine. It gives output in xml and rss for newcasting.

Cost: Commercial

OS: Windows, Linux, Unix, Free BSD

PayPerClick Pro

Raiting 5.00

PayPerClick Pro allows you to run a PPC search engine similar to Overture. It is packed with advanced features not seen elsewhere at any price and is continually being updated to add even more functionality.

Cost: $749.95

Version: -



Raiting 5.00

Thousands sign up every day, and even more renew their subscriptions. Companies such as Overture and Find are making millions selling search results to the highest bidder.

Cost: US $161.97

Version: 1.7-stable

OS: Unix, Win NT, FreeBSD

- HeroGrab - Yahoo Expired Domains

Raiting 5.00

What is HeroGrab For Yahoo? HeroGrab will search the yahoo directory and find expired domains that are still listed at yahoo. Once it finds an expired domain, it will automatically send an email to all email addresses you have listed. (you can add any emails in this file and as many email addresses as you want)

Cost: $149.99

Version: 1.0

OS: All

Sellwide Cloaker

Raiting 5.00

With this software webmasters can gain top listings with major search engines and generate highly targeted hits easily.

Cost: US $199

Version: 2.1

OS: Unix/Linux