Python Web Programming

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From the Back Cover-Python Web Programming is a practical introduction to building networked systems in the object-oriented framework of the Python language. It shows how to l

Cost: US$ 49.99

Edition: 1st

ISBN #: 0735710902

Pages: 691

Web Programming in Python: Techniques for Integrating Linux, Apache and MySQL

Raiting 5.00

If you're ready to use Python and open source in a real production environment, one book delivers the techniques and code you're looking for: Web Programming in Python.

Cost: US$ 44.99

Edition: 1st

ISBN #: 0130410659

Pages: 450

Python Standard Library

Raiting 5.00

Ideal for any working Python developer, Fredrik Lundh's Python Standard Library provides an excellent tour of some of the most important modules in today's Python 2.0 standard

Cost: US$ 29.95

Edition: Bk&Cd-Rom

ISBN #: 0596000960

Pages: 281

Learning Python

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The authors of Learning Python show you enough essentials of the Python scripting language to enable you to begin solving problems right away, then reveal more powerful aspect

Cost: US$ 34.95

Edition: April 9, 1999

ISBN #: 1565924649

Pages: 366

Programming Python (2nd Edition)

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Completely revised and improved, the second edition of Programming Python is an excellent compendium of material geared toward the more knowledgeable Python developer.

Cost: US$ 54.95

Edition: 2nd

ISBN #: 0596000855

Pages: 1292

Python How to Program

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This new book by the world's leading programming language textbook authors carefully explains how to use Python as a general-purpose programming language and how to program mu

Cost: US$ 76.00

Edition: 1st

ISBN #: 0130923613

Pages: 1376

Python Essential Reference (2nd Edition)

Raiting 5.00

For anyone who programs in Python, David M. Beazley's Python Essential Reference, Second Edition will serve as a capable and exceptionally competent guide to current Python sy

Cost: US$ 34.99

Edition: 2nd

ISBN #: 0735710910

Pages: 416

XML Processing with Perl, Python, and PHP

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Aimed at experienced programmers, Processing with Perl, Python, and PHP is a guide to processing XML with popular scripting languages. The author is a strong advocate of scrip

Cost: US$ 49.99

Edition: 1st

ISBN #: 0782140211

Pages: 432

Python & XML

Raiting 5.00

Python & XML gives you a solid foundation for using these two languages together. Loaded with practical examples, this new volume highlights common application tasks, so that

Cost: US$ 39.95

Edition: 1st

ISBN #: 0596001282

Pages: 450

Python 2.1 Bible

Raiting 5.00

If Python 2.1 can do it, you can do it too Packed with crystal-clear explanations, hands-on examples, and a complete language reference, this authoritative guide gives you a

Cost: US$ 39.99

Edition: June 2001

ISBN #: 0764548077

Pages: 750