TypingWeb Web-Based Typing Tutor

Raiting 5.00

TypingWeb is an e-learning platform for learning typing online. It consumes less time, and is a cost-effective approach for schools and corporate clients.

Cost: Commercial


Raiting 5.00

Kidows is a complete management and administrative tool for schools. It can be deployed over intranet as well as Internet for enhanced communication.

Cost: Free Trial/ US 50 Cents per student/month

OS: Windows 95/98/2000/NT, UNIX , Linux

ESL Class Websites

Raiting 5.00

Create your own class web site! It's quick and easy. Just fill out a form, press the create button, and you have your very own class web site. Add activities and your students will have a place on the web where they can have fun while improving their English skills.

Cost: Free

Pilot elearning software solution

Raiting 5.00

Pilot elearning software solution is a remotely hosted service with which teachers can teach online courses for students, children etc., This service will be suitable for all type of courses.

Cost: US $ 99.00

Double-click Definition Lookup

Raiting 5.00

Allow your web site visitors to double-click on any word to pull up a definition of that word - without them ever leaving your site!

Cost: Freeware

Version: 1.0

OS: All Platforms