Raiting 5.00

This is an online customer support system with which you can provide live chat service on your website for your customers and online visitors with various features.

Cost: Free

OS: Windows


Raiting 5.00

ASPSMS will send sms over TCP/IP protocol from any program. It has lot features like sending simple, multiple, Flashing, Blinking SMS etc.

Cost: Commercial

Version: 1.12

The Droplets User Interface Server

Raiting 5.00

My Droplet web based E-mail. It responsively provides fast performance. It is simple and easy to integrate on any ASP based website.

Cost: Free Trial / Commercial

Version: 2.2

Group SMS

Raiting 5.00

Group SMS is a powerful Message sending application. You can send the messages either through mobile phone or private oline form.

Cost: US $ 249 ( per year)