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Announcements - An area that you can let all Group Members know of current or up coming events. For example; holidays, picnics, birthdays, or just about anything else. Group Calander - Provides a spot for letting other group members know that you won't be here for a particular time frame. This would include appointments, vacations, or sick days. My Tasks - Create Tasks for yourself and include other Group Members. Tasks that you create will be displayed on My Tasks of included Group Members. For convenience, Tasks can be copied to the Group Calendar for all to see. Examples for My Tasks would be for reviewing documents, projects, and just about anything else. Links - My Links gives you a place to put your favorite Links. Group Contact Database - Common point for listing group contacts. For example; customer, vendors, family or friends. File Sharing and Management - Upload most common file types for sharing with other Group Members. Easily share documents, procuedures, photos or pdf files. Profile Management - Update your information for sharing with others or view another Group Members profile. List telephone numbers, email addresses, location and many other shared information. PDA Connectivity - Whether you are in the office or on the road, through the commonly installed AvantGo, keep up to date by downloading your desktop to your PDA. Group Chat - Provides a point where Group Members can chat live with one another. On the road, at a convention or at a conference, Group Members in real time can be kept up to date. Project Management* - Create projects, assign members, list requirements, assign responsibilities, create tasks, and much more. Ties all modules together and places them onto an easy to follow page.

Title: IntraWeave - Intranet Collaboration Solutions
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