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Active Server Pages Web Application. ASPBanner can rotate Image Banners, Custom HTML, Shockwave, and Flash Banners as well as keep detailed statistics for your advertisers. Pure ASP solution and no Dll's need to be installed on the server. Support for a virtually unlimited number of "Zones", "Advertisers", and "Banners" makes the power and flexibility of this product virtually limitless. Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Runs on IIS 4.0 and higher. Also runs on Personal Web Server so you can install it on a local machine for development & testing. Uses MS Access or MS SQL Server. MS Access Database Included (You do not need Microsoft Access to run this). MS SQL 7/2000 Scripts included making it easy to create the SQL database. Intel Compatible Based System with current ODBC drivers installed. SOURCE CODE INCLUDED (NO DLL'S TO INSTALL)

Title: ASPBanner
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Platform / OS: Win NT Win 95 Win 98 Win 2000 Win XP
Version: 7.3
Last Updated: 2003-03-19
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