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Dilate™ is a Java based, plug-in free audio and video player. Built specifically to service the needs of online content providers, Dilate™ delivers high quality streaming media to 97% of internet users without the need for a pre-installed media player. Dilate™ has been designed to eliminate the problems associated with web video, allowing anyone with web page building experience to use their existing skills and infrastructure to place effective streaming video online. Dilate™ operates effectively in both broad and narrowband environments, detecting a users connection speed in real-time and delivering the appropriate media. Dilate™ does not require any special server software to run either. It streams direct from any web server, making it instantly compatible with all websites. Why use Dilate? Dilate™ is very easy to use. Web marketers, advertisers and webmasters can implement and manage all content through a web based user interface. Visitors to Dilate™ enabled pages do not have to download players or plugins to view the content. Other features: • Broad and narrowband capable • Streams under firewalls • Detects user connection speed • Pre and post gif & jpeg support • Full media controls • Real-time feedback agent • Operates cross platform • PC, MAC and wireless compatible

Title: Dilate™ :: instant streaming media
Author: joseph_denne
Price / Cost: Free Trial, $80/Month
Platform / OS: Win95/98/NT/2000/XP, MacOS7.5/X, Linux/*nix
Version: 1.46
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Last Updated: 2003-08-03
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