Smart Poll - ASP & Flash Poll

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This is a super-fast, small-sized ASP & Flash Poll with 3D Bar Graph & Pie Chart Statistics to make your web site interactive and sticky. Get visitor feedback in seconds. No reloading of the page & attractive 3D statistics makes this product a sure winner for your site! This product is recommended for company/business, portal/vortal & educational sites, so that invaluable and focused feedback can be got by using a poll related to the website content. Complete browser-based password-protected Admin panel. SQL Server & Access versions available. Important Features: 1. 3D Bar Graph/Pie Chart Statistics 2. A single poll question is displayed in unlimited number of pages of your site 3. Super-fast load time - Get easy feedback from visitors in seconds 4. No Reloading of Page 5. Easy Installation and Customization 6. Extensive Administration Panel 7. Uses a MS SQL Server or Access database

Title: Smart Poll - ASP & Flash Poll
Author: smartwebby
Price / Cost: US $100
Platform / OS: Windows
Version: 1.0
File Size: 101KB - 145KB
Last Updated: 2003-08-06
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