Free Anonymous Criteria-Based Instant Messenger

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SpellCraft is dedicated to providing the highest quality network services to your website in the growing sector of criteria-based instant messaging. Our services are provided free of charge and designed to be fully customizable and easy to integrate. Incorporating our services into your website will also allow you the opportunity to focus more closely on content as opposed to technology as you advance your site. We currently provide a single front-end implementation compatible with most web-based browsers as the interface to our services and will be adding PDA and cellular phone connectivity as these technologies become more widespread in the consumer market. We refer to our front-end implementation as SIM (SpellCraft Instant Messenger). SIM is completely configurable and implemented by adding just a few lines of HTML code to any web page. You choose the background and font colors, criteria options desired and the language to be used by the front-end interface. To ensure seamless integration into your website no user registration to our network is ever needed and you even have the capability of pre-filling any configurable value either statically (HTML) or dynamically (CGI). For a detailed description of the functionality and properties of SIM please visit our website.

Title: Free Anonymous Criteria-Based Instant Messenger
Author: SpellCraft
Price / Cost: Free
Platform / OS: Win*, *nix, MAC
Version: 3.10
Last Updated: 2003-11-01
URL: Click to Visit
Web site Language: English and Spanish with French and German coming soon
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