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phpSupport is a easy to use and light weight system. Its features are, PHP Front end, MySQL Back end, file attachments(size and type limited by administrator),administrative backend,Delete Tickets,Reassign Tickets,Enable User Registration or Disable,Create and Modify users, Restrict access on a per user base, Edit Auto responses,Modify Profile Attach files to tickets,Private message other users,Set Severity of a ticket.Take and reassign ownership of tickets,Update or comment tickets, Choose to send an response while updating or closing tickets,Move tickets to other groups,Search database for matching search strings, Lock users into groups,Assign group access on a per user base,Create or Delete Groups and View Usage Reports.

Title: phpSupport
Author: admin002
Price / Cost: Free
Platform / OS: Unix, Linux and Solaris
Version: 4.2
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Last Updated: 2004-01-17
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