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The back-end of the ASP program is done in Microsoft Access. The Access database has 4 tables which are the customer, item, tax, and order history table. The user adds textbooks through the item table by adding entries into the appropriate fields. If a user has a large amount of entries already established, they can import the information into the items table by using Microsoft's Access import utilities. The same may be done for the customer and tax tables. The sales tax table allows the user to enter the sales tax rate they wish for a particular state. The items table allows the user to enter a shipping charge for a particular book. The order table logs all orders and therefore creates a history of orders. When a user finishes his or her order, an email is sent to the administrator of the site and an email will be sent to the buyer with his or her invoice/order information. The buyer's ordering information is automatically loaded into the orders table of the Access database as well. This product will work with SSL programs like Verisign. The Textbook Shopping Cart consists of 7 ASP files (cart, checkout, index, inventory, invoice, item, payment), sample database (database.mdb), and sample images.

Title: Textbook Shopping Cart
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