PHPtunest iTunes Music List Parser

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This is a fine parser for converting iTunes music library from XML format to HTML and displaying on the website. The final HTML page can be totally customised with Style Sheets. This script uses very less RAM and so it is very quick in parsing. Can work even without MySQL but takes a little more memory. With compatible browsers it uses gzip compression and so longer lists can load faster too. The coulumns to be included can be decided by the user, like -Track ID, Name, Artist , Composer, Album , Genre, Size, Total Time,, Track Count, Dates, Bit Rate, Sample Rate etc., Installation notes included and configuration is very easy

Title: PHPtunest iTunes Music List Parser
Author: admin0017
Price / Cost: Free (GPL)
Platform / OS: Windows, Mac OS X , Unix , Linux
Version: 1.0
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Last Updated: 2004-07-20
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