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Connect Daily, a web-based calendaring system, allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a web browser. The calendar display can be directly integrated into your web site. Connect Daily provides advanced capabilities for managing resources and facilities. Approval processes allow many users to edit calendars, with the assurance that all items added are approved. Webmasters and site developers will find Connect Daily an ideal addition to their tool library, providing a quick calendaring software solution for their personal and client sites. Connect Daily is customizable & integrates seamlessly into any web site and is fully controlled through a web browser. Site integration via AJAX is fully supported Connect Daily supports event Download to Microsoft Outlook, and Palm OS PDAs. Connect Daily is extensively localized. Calendar formats for most languages are transparently supported, including the starting day of week, names of months and days of the week. Additionally, the software itself can be easily translated. Program captions and labels are stored externally, allowing easy translation. A unique feature to Connect Daily is that you can create many different translation files, and Connect Daily will select the appropriate one based on the user's browser settings.

Title: Connect Daily
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