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AdMentor is a totally free ad rotator script written entirely in ASP. No binary components are needed on the server ( hosts tend to charge you extra for it, if they even allow it at all ) and no super-power database engine either - just a simple Access database is what you need. The AdMentor project started with the simple goal to be an easy to use replacement for the Ad Rotator that comes free with IIS. Now ( especially beginning with version 2.0 ) it has become a pretty advanced piece of ad software. It lets you weight your banners - that is you can make some banners appear more often than other. It supports multiple banner sizes, by a construction we ( somewhat falsely ) calls banner farms. Typically you create one banner farm per advertising position on your page. You might have one position showing 468*60 banners, and another showing 88*31 buttons etc.

Title: AdMentor
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