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Online Album is a web-based application that allows one to create photographic-albums effortlessly. Online Album not only creates links to pictures it also creates thumbnails, slide shows and also contains various other exciting features. If you are searching for documentation for the Online Album (version 4.0) you have come to the right place. Here I will discuss various changes from the version 3.0 of this application, and also show you how to upgrade your version of Online Album. One of the dominant changes in this version is it's ability to work without FSO (ASP's File System Object) on your web server. Since most hosting-services do not allow FSO, this was one of the driving strength for the release of this version. Features :: Dynamic Image Resize - This is a very exciting feature added in version 4.0. It automatically resizes images to fit the screen. [Read more here] Theme - This was added in version 4.0. Each user has the ability to view the complete album in a certain theme - once a user (the people who are viewing your album) selects a theme, it is stored in a cookie for later retrieval. E-mail this picture - This was added in version 4.0. It allows one to send links to specific pictures directly from Online Album, click the Choose an action select box. Thumbnail Paging system - This was added in version 3.0. It lets you show certain number of picture(s) in a single thumbnail page, therefore creating a page based thumbnail menu. This was added in version 4.0. Beside each album name, you will find a number it denotes how many picture(s) are available. This was added in version 4.0. If a directory is empty, it is not displayed in the album list. Slide Show Thumbnail view Recursively lists directory(s) (subdirectory support) Better browser compatibility.

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