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CF_StockGrabber is customizable CFML tag, which gets the detailed stock information from Yahoo Finance by passing simple parameters. User can supply the simple parameters like single stock, mutual fund, or index ticker symbol. Also user can supply a comma delimited list of stock, mutual fund, or index ticker symbols for processing. Apart from this user can supply other parameters like ErrorCheck, ErrorPage,ErrorMailTo (optional). Also user can change the default query. For more details see These parameters are passed to site using CFHttp. Because the tag makes use of CFHttp, the user never has to leave the site calling the tag. In addition, those using CF 3.1 or CF3.0 with a scheduling program will find this tag extremely useful for gathering stock quote information on an automated basis. The uses of this tag are virtually unlimited and demonstrate the power of intelligent agents within the Cold Fusion framework. This can be customized to other sites also.

Title: CF_StockGrabber
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Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 2002-07-13
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