2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager

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The 2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager enables you to collect more than an e-mail address from vistors that visit your web site. Alternatively, you can add contacts to your SQL Server 2000 or MS Access database with the capability of searching the records and scheduling a future contact date and time. Fast implementation and global administration features enable you to change colors, assign URL and server paths via the Display Manager. Easy ON / OFF features for the HTML Editor which allows image uploads and server directory creation or deletion. New subscribers are able to join multiple lists that you create via your backoffice administrator. An HTML e-mail confirmation is sent to the new subscriber to verify their e-mail address. If no response is received after 5 days, the subscriber's account is automatically deleted. Schedule a contact meeting or telephone call with a subsciption list member. Create mass e-mail campaigns by selecting multiple or single category lists. The application will filter out duplicate e-mails in multiple lists

Title: 2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager
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Platform / OS: Windows, Cold Fusion
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 2002-07-25
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