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SourceX Source Exchange is an easy to use tool that allows online collaboration between developers, allowing users to upload text documents (HTML, CFML, et al) for online viewing. Emailing a .cfm or other page, or uploading and then downloading source documents simply to have a looksee or collaborate wasn't exactly convenient. SourceX makes it easy to share documents in development with collaborators. This has features like color coded, customizable color scheme setting, Customizable "accept" list of text based file extensions. Thi is very portable, does not rely on custom tags. Uploaded documents are NOT stored in their native format, making executing them impossible. Users can optionally allow files to be downloaded (again, the ability to execute these documents is remote to nil since downloadable versions are saved with a .dl extension). Easy to implement: its a single page.

Title: SourceX
Author: admin00114
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Platform / OS: Windows, Unix, Linux
Version: 1.00
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Last Updated: 2002-07-25
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