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DRT-AFFstar is an ASP affiliate management system. It is designed to allow you to easily setup and maintain an affiliate program on your personal or company website. The program works to your advantage by allowing you to get non-rotating ad exposures on up to thousands of websites in exchange for putting rotating code on your site. A visitor who has a website of his/her own website joins your affiliate program. They get non-rotating ad code to place on their website. In exchange for advertising your website, they get to place a rotating ad on your website. While both your website and your affiliate's website will benefit from this partnership, you are helped more as your banner is ALWAYS SHOWN on all the websites that have joined, whereas your affiliates' banners are only taking up a tiny amount of space on your website.

Title: DRT-AFFstar
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Version: 1.7
Last Updated: 2002-07-25
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