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This is chat application written in Asp with ease of implementation into your own site. If you want to set up a chat server on your own ASP enabled site, just place these files in a directory of your choice and make a link to default.asp. This page is used to login users. Few modifications in global.asa file is enough to implement this in your site. A panel on your right side of ConquerChat always show current number of online users. Your own login name will be marked with bold type. In my current version, you're not able to get extended information about a specific user, but in my next release, you will be able to click on a user to read a detailed description (if made available by this user) and maybe a link to his/her private homepage. However, this will require every user to create a profile. Currently nothing is known about a user, except login name but later a database will be added, describing each user, i.e. its profile. The area taking up most space is of course the messages area. This area shows the latest posted messages and notification messages, e.g. when a new users logs in or when an old user logs out. When you write a message and press send, this window will be refreshed, i.e. a new document will be generated on my server and send to you. If you don't participate in a chat, the window will automatically update every 10 second. The update interval is determined by the tag in 'window.asp' and is easy to configure yourself. If you are thinking of running ConquerChat on a LAN, you might want to make it update every second or so. To send a message, type in a string in the bottom edit field. You're able to use standard shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on Windows platforms. When you're satisfied with your message, press 'send' or simply hit return on your keyboard. Your message will appear shortly after. Notice, all text will be selected when it has been send, making it possible to type a new message right away without having to delete your old m

Title: ConquerChat
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