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ShoutBox! V2.0, the tiny chat application that will turn your entire site into an awesome discussion boulevard. Bring the latest chat experience to your visitors and discover the community that lies on your site. This is a Free, Small, Twisted and Powerful Chat Application, completely developed using Macromedia Flash and ASP. ShoutBox! is less than 12k, once attached to your site, your visitors will be able to hold real time discussions across your entire site, That's right : While they Surf Your Site. ShoutBox! provides Your site visitors will be able to chat and hold online conversation across your entire site. Just place one line of code on your pages and ShoutBox! will be running immediately. No special plug-ins, Java Applets, DLL's or ActiveX Controls need to be installed on the server. Completely developed using ASP and Macromedia Flash technology. Users won't need to download anything, they just have to visit your site and they'll be able to get in contact with others at your site instantly!. No resource Intensive like complex chat servers : Less than 12k in size and requires nothing but an ASP enabled site. No databases, No Writing permissions, No Global ASA editing required, just upload and go. You can configure your ShoutBox colors to match your site's style. Thanks to Flash technology, Messages are automatically refreshed without constant page reloading. Supports as many users as your site can handle. Great for providing On-line support, having on-line discussions, and having a great time.

Title: ShoutBox!
Author: admin00114
Price / Cost: Freeware
Platform / OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Version: 1
Last Updated: 2002-07-25
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