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OverviewAdventia Chat Server 3.0 Premium is a single-room ASP chat that allows you to easily add HTML-only chat rooms to your site, transforming your web site or intranet into a dynamic and successful online community comprised of customers, users, suppliers or employees. Chat Server 3.0 Premium is versatile and uniquely suited to be used in distance learning sessions, moderated events, virtual meetings or just social real-time conversations. It is simple to customize and can be easily integrated with the existing web or intranet site. Its user-friendly capabilities allow users to interact using any type and any version of browser. No plug-ins, Java applets or any other script downloads are required. Chat Server 3.0 Premium has key features like Automatic refresh of conversation frame, Private conversations between users, Unlimited number of users, Configurable timeout of inactive users, Control panel for administrator, Easy customization of the chat looks, ext-only or text+HTML conversations, Easy enable/disable of HTML in global settings file, Log files that keep record of users and conversations, Count/display of users, Configurable settings to moderate/not moderate the chat, Banning of users, Lift ban of users, Easy save of chat room conversations to a transcript file, Broadcast of administrative messages to the chat audience, Colorful icons that allow dynamic and live conversations, Source code (no components or dll's) included for easy customization Chat Server 3.0 Premium provides effective means to transform a site into an interactive community with potential for high profits. Its use will contribute to enhance the quality, visibility and profitability of an intranet or web site.

Title: Adventia Chat Server
Author: admin00114
Price / Cost: $89.95
Platform / OS: Windows 95/NT
Version: 3.0
Last Updated: 2002-07-25
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