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This tool besides being a text editor for the windows platform supporting any language, it is fast, and rock-solid stable. It has the following editing features Multi-level undo and redo Cut, copy and paste support Copy - append and Cut - append, allows the user to copy the selection and append it to the clipboard Insert/overstike mode with cursor and status bar indication Select All, Select Line, Select Word, Delete, Delete Line Delete to End of Line or Start of Line from cursor position Insert date and time HEX editing with: HEX Cut, Copy and Paste support HEX Insert and Delete of characters HEX Find, Replace and Replace All HEX Mode Ruler shows offset 100,000 word spell checker, with foreign language support (American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish) Read Only default option and edit menu item Drag and Drop editing Word wrap support Automatic word wrap at specified column with hard return Auto-Indentation Line Length up to 9k allowed Home Key positions at first non-space, then first character Function to copy active file path/name to clipboard Triple Click selects a line

Title: UltraEdit
Author: admin00114
Price / Cost: Shareware/$45
Platform / OS: Win 3.x/95/98/NT
Version: 8.00
File Size: 1.04MB
Last Updated: 2002-07-25
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