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X-Hive/DB is a database that stores, searches and retrieves XML documents in a fast and scalable manner. It has the capability to instantly locate and retrieve the smallest element within large documents or group of documents and sets it apart from alternative XML storage solutions. Features: 1:Native XML storage :direct access to every element 2:Industry-strength :highly-scaleable and reliable, built-in transaction mechanism 3: Support for XML standards: XML 1.0, XQuery, XPath, XPointer, XLink, XSL,XUpdate and DOM 4: Advanced XML processing : feature-rich Java API includes methods for querying, version management, indexing, link management, publishing and schema verification 5: Easy to integrate :multi-platform, multi-architecture, J2EE and WebDAV support, interfaces to RDBMS, editors and search engines

Title: X-Hive/DB
Author: admin00114
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Platform / OS: Windows 2000, Solaris, Linux
Version: 3.0
Last Updated: 2002-07-25
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