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SiteDirector allows you to rapidly build a robust online storefront with minimal effort. With a very powerful feature set, SiteDirector is set apart from other online store building applications. From a simple installation to full customization, SiteDirector is one powerful performer for any sized business. SiteDirector is based on templates thus giving you full control over the look, feel and performance of your web site. Out of the box, SiteDirector has an easy to use template system, but with a few modification to existing templates or creating completely new templates, you can change the whole look, feel and performace of the web site with ease. Whatever task or configuration your website needs, you have the control to make it happen with SiteDirector. For developers, SiteDirector is a dream come true! SiteDirector's easy configuration and customization, allows you to build completely different web sites by just modifying templates. With very little effort and development time, you can increase your profits!

Title: SiteDirector
Author: admin00114
Price / Cost: $495
Platform / OS: Unix, Windows
Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 2002-12-10
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